Side Step the Whole Opposition: The Simple Foot & Ankle Fix That Will Have Your Competitors Baffled...

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I've heard it more times than I can count...


"I'd love to run but my shin splints just get so bad..."


"I am constantly rolling my ankles... It's so frustrating"


"I have to wear these special shoes or else my feet ache..."


Sound familiar?


If you've got painful feet and ankles... You're not alone. 

Every year millions of athletes struggle with problems in their feet, ankles, and lower legs.


Little by little they each begin to give up their hopes and dreams of ever getting back to normal. 


It starts with the little concessions... "I guess I don't have to play my sport anymore... I'm getting older anyways."


Then it moves to bigger sacrifices... "I just need to watch how much I run or walk... My feet hurt if I do too much."


Eventually, they cut back on almost everything... "I can't even walk around the house barefoot. Too much pain!"


If the above sounds a little too close to home, I've got good and bad news for you. Let's start with the tough stuff...

Nothing will change if you keep doing the same stuff you have been.


πŸ‘Ž Your feet will continue to be painful...

πŸ‘Ž Your ankles will get weaker and stiffer...

πŸ‘Ž Your calves will become tighter and more rigid...

πŸ‘Ž Eventually this leads to more knee, hip, and back pain...


It's a one way path to pain that snowballs into problems which limit what you can do and ultimately creates more pain. The nasty cycle continues!


Out of frustration and desperation, you'll eventually look for a solution... "HELP!!!"


And if you're not careful, you'll fall into the Three "I" trap of the traditional modern day medical approach...

It starts off with Ingestion... "Take this anti-inflammatory pill, see if that helps..."


If that doesn't work, the next step is an Injection (Or in this case, a fancy shoe Insert)... "Take this steroid shot (Or special shoe insert) to see if that helps..."


And if those don't work, the orthopedic surgeon gets called in for an Incision... "Let's give surgery a shot, maybe that will help..."


But it rarely does. And if you're reading this, that "one size fits all" approach likely hasn't worked for you either.


What can you do about it?!?


Don't worry, I've got good news for you...


You don't need to go down that miserable, dead-end route at all.


In fact, you can avoid the whole thing by simply changing the way you train and think about your feet.


No, this isn't some homeopathic, woo-woo thing, I mean that you can literally strengthen your feet and ankles slowly but surely to undo all of the pain, irritation, and damage that's happened over the years.


Sound too simple to be true? I promise you, it's not.


The reason it's not advertised more widely is that big companies can't make millions off of you fixing yourself.


Your body was made correctly. The problem isn't you, it's the fact that the modern world we live in doesn't support healthy bodies...


❌ The massively padded shoes with pronantion control smash your feet and toes together for hours at a time....


❌ The pristinely flat, paved ground we walk on weakens and stiffens our ankles with each step...


❌ The strength training we do rarely focuses on the lower leg...

And since most people have bad running form, going out for a jog to get in shape just ends up making the problem worse...


Sadly, The vast majority of people have no idea how to move if they don't have their special, inch thick shoes with arch supports in.


But it's not your fault!


No one ever taught you how to run correctly in the first place! (I totally understand... P.E. class didn't really do much education when I was in school either, so I had to learn on my own - the hard way!)


Each foot has 26 bones, 33 joints, 33 muscles and a ridiculous amount of connective tissue.


And if you've been ignoring these for the last however-many-years of your life, it's no wonder you're in pain!


But now that you know this, you can do something about it. But where do you start?


Even better news - I've got the EXACT protocol already laid out for you...

My “Fortify Your Feet” Protocol


In this program you will work through a complete transformation from stiff, dysfunctional, painful feet to strong, powerful, mobile, and ubreakable ankles…


βœ” An introduction to the marvels of your feet and show you what you’ve been missing out on.

βœ” The ramifications of poor footwear and what they are doing to your performance.

βœ” How your body adapts to its most common positions and postures and how to improve them.

βœ” Movement protocols to get your whole body moving, not just your feet.

βœ” The exact steps on how to get out of pain and then build mobility and strength, so you never roll your ankle again.

βœ” Full movement library with instructional videos and the reasons why we are doing each exercise.

FYF Title Page.png

I built this program as a process of trial and error through my own experience with almost every lower leg problem you can name…


❌ Plantar Fasciitis…

❌ ACL Reconstructions...

❌ Heel Spurs…

❌ Mortons Neuroma…

❌ Ankle Sprains…

❌ Shin Splints…

❌ Calf Strains...

❌ Turf Toe…

❌ Patellar Tendonitis…


And if you’re ready to make these same problems a thing of the past, this program is for you.


I could go on and share testimonials from clients who’ve been able to get their life back after conquering this battle with foot pain like these:

But I also know that you’ll take those with a grain of salt. So, I’ll do you one better…




Try to find a Physical Therapist, Doctor, Medication, or Surgeon who’ll back THAT up. (It would be nice though, wouldn’t it?)


So how much does a program with this bold of a promise cost?


$297?  Nope. $147? Even better... Just $67!!!


I'm basically giving this away compared to how much people pay for this same exact training with me in person!


This is a simple program. I don't have a long, drawn-out list of all the doo-dads and shiny objects you'll get but never really wanted in the first place. 


I'm giving you one thing - a solution to your problem.


At $67, this program costs LESS than that fancy sole insert you'll end up buying...


It costs less than the next pair of "pronation control" shoes you're about to drop money on...


And it costs MUCH less than the trips to a surgeon's office for costly and potentially risky operations.


I've literally removed all of the risk for you. You truly have nothing to lose and everything to gain. 


So the real question is... Are you ready to reclaim your feet, ankles, and get back to actually performing to your potential?

If you’re in, I’m with you every step of the way.


Hit the link below to purchase the program and let’s get to work!


                                                                                               - Mick


P.S. - Don't forget my unbeatable, "Pain Free or Your Money Back" Guarantee! I'm serious about fixing this problem and I won't accept even a penny for something that doesn't work. Email me directly at mick@melbournesofttissuetherapy.com.au with any questions or concerns you have about your situation. I'm here for you.