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10 Standards To Help Create Strength, Resilience, And Longevity In Your Hiking

Do You Struggle To Finish Your Hikes?

Most hikers give up on longer, harder hikes because their bodies just cannot keep up. Imagine being able to go for as long as you want, day after day pain-free! You are a system of systems. Knee pain, back pain, and arch pain are not independent issues – they are specific expressions of problems that have multidimensional properties within the body. In being truly HikeFit, it is essential that you understand and apply this concept.


10 Standards To Achieve To Allow You To Hike On Your Own Terms

After you’ve tested yourself against the 10 standards, you will have a working picture of where your body, your lifestyle, and your habits stand. You will know what your strengths are – a valuable confirmation – and, more importantly, you’ll have clear evidence of your weaknesses.


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