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No Pain, More Gain: 7 Steps To Efficient And Painless Running In Only 21 Days

Over thousands of years, humans evolved to be the best, most efficient running animals on the planet. We ran without shoes and without injury to hunt our prey and flee from danger.


Yet today, a whopping 80% of modern runners suffer some sort of injury every year because they simply run differently from the way we evolved.

You have deconditioned your body through sedentary lifestyles, ill-fitting shoes, and general immobility.

With the right support and training, you can reclaim the most natural and efficient way of moving and running.

And this is exactly what The Natural Born Runner helps you achieve.

No need for expensive shoes, no supportive orthotics, no crazy training regimes... just you, your body, and the natural potential you were born with,

But unfortunately for most runners, injuries are inevitable because most runners do not move the way our ancestors evolved their running styles.

This means inefficiencies occur such as heel striking and over striding...

But these inefficiencies are easily fixed with Natural Born Runner.

Natural Born Runner is a 21-day process designed to create awareness, connection, and fluency within your body... putting you on the correct path away from injuries... so you can discover the natural high that running can provide.

But you might be sceptical...after all, who am I to make such bold promises? If it were so natural, why haven't you heard about this before? Why are you only told to go get a calf massage or buy new shoes to help your running?

Great question...allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Mick Breen...a once injury-prone rugby player who represented England at the elite level turned highly sought-after Myotherapist and Movement Engineer.


And the very reason I became a Movement Engineer is that I suffered through numerous career-ending injuries, hours and hours on the physio table, breaking down again and again, after doing all the apparently right rehab routines...all because I was never properly educated on how to actually run correctly and use my body to its full potential!


I am now the professional I needed when I was younger!

Every time I came back from an injury, I would soon get back to running, and either a new injury appeared or a reoccurrence of an old injury would pop up its ugly head.


On top of 5 knee surgeries, 8 torn hamstrings, countless ankle sprains, and a consistently bad back forced to figure out why this was happening to me and how the whole body worked...the hard way!


I had to relearn how to walk, how to run, move myself out of pain, and basically how to move correctly and efficiently. I had to teach myself from scratch!


This lead me down the path of a university degree, professional internships, years of continuing education, and over 10,000 hours of treating clients in the clinic and coaching them in the gym. I have certainly learned a thing or two in my time on how the body likes to work.


And that's the secret...most running programs are delivered by coaches who haven't had the experience of multiple injuries and restoring their bodies from scratch.

For many coaches, all of their learning has come from a textbook or 6-week online course, without actually knowing how their own bodies work...

...but that doesn't mean they can't get you back to running well. It is just that how are they supposed to get you connected to your body and running pain-free when they don't have the physical experience themselves? 

They are very different skills!

And that's exactly what I'll teach you...


I've broken the whole process down into a simple, 7-step, 21-day approach with the exact exercises and drills to restore your confidence in running. 

So what's in the program and how much does it cost? With this program you'll receive:

✅ 7 separate steps broken down into running efficiency drills and targeted exercises to create awareness and connection with your body. Think of how confident you'll feel knowing that the foundation of your running technique is strong and resilient...

✅ Monthly Zoom group calls with me for direct support to answer all of your questions. Imagine how much more successful you'll be knowing that you've got an experienced coach right there for support...

✅Daily text support in the Run Club Telegram chat for questions and exercise form review to keep you on track. How much more motivated and focused would you be if you knew you weren't left alone?

✅ 100+ videos on the YouTube channel so you know exactly what is needed for each and every exercise and drill. No more confusion or wasted money spent on gimmicks that don't work!

Though the full program takes 21 days, you'll likely start to see changes in your running after the first week!

And the best part? The whole program costs only $97 

That's easily less than the price of a new pair of running shoes these days...

It's way less expensive than going to another dozen physio appointments...

And it's much, much less costly than having to go down the route of painkillers, orthotics, and surgeries...

You've probably already spent hundreds (or thousands) of dollars trying to fix the injuries that keep arising in your feet, ankles, legs, and back...This simple program can keep you from pouring more money down the drain.

"But will it work for me?"

After over 200 people going through the program, the results are pretty clear: