Becoming a Pain-Free Efficient Runner

What if we told you that running doesn't have to hurt and it doesn't have to be hard?

What if we told you that developing a proper running technique was a guaranteed one-way ticket to improving posture, better breathing, moving strongly, and decreasing your risk of injury?

What if we allow ourselves a higher standard in running, and what if that higher standard permeated every other part of our life?

We live in a very sedentary lifestyle today and we as humans are becoming very stiff, immobile, and weak.

We believe that movement is your number one form of medicine!

Annually 80% of recreational runners are getting injured. Running is now the most dangerous sport to participate in!

Our everyday lives are limiting our ability to run well and run often. Simple injuries are appearing that are 90% preventable but also 90% manageable on your own.

The goal here at MSTT is to send you away, stronger, confident, and more educated than when you first arrived and turn you into the most efficient runner possible!


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