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Drink More Water To Become Healthier And Better Looking!

You have probably heard that our bodies are around 60% water, and that it is absolutely essential to our survival.

Having enough water in our body increases energy production and helps maximise physical performance. It’s essential for our kidneys and other bodily functions.

Drinking plenty of water also helps prevent and relieve headaches. Dehydrated muscles cause pain! Massage therapists see this all the time, and I often recommend to my clients that they drink 8 glasses a day which helps immensely. So many headaches are caused by simple muscle dehydration.

Water helps our mental state as well. A fluid loss of even just 1% or 2% can reduce motivation, increase fatigue, and impair mood, memory and concentration. So if you want to feel brighter and more focused, water may help with that.

And, if you still need more reasons, research shows that a higher water intake may help prevent hangovers, boost the immune system, improve skin complexion and aid weight loss.

So basically, it helps you stay healthy and it makes you better looking!

And best of all, water is available FREE and plentiful. Even if you choose bottled water it’s still cheaper than sugary or caffeinated alternatives.

One thing I sometimes get asked is, does coffee count? Or beer? After all, these are both made by using water. But unfortunately caffeine and alcohol are both diuretics, meaning they make you lose more water than they put in and may actually make dehydration worse.

So make water your drink of choice, and you will look and feel even better.

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