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There Is No Such Thing As Bad Posture!

As humans, we are designed to move in every, which way possible. ⠀ We can create some funny looking postures and movements through the complexity of our tissues. Muscles are designed to be used to their full extent and hit their end of the range of movement often. A lot of people struggle to sit down in a full squat position as they NEVER spend any time there. If we look at the Asian population, the majority of them can sit in the bottom of a squat because they spend most of their days there - working, resting, and socialising.

The funniest position we see today is the desk job posture. Humans were not designed to sit down for 8+ hours each and every day. But also, you have to think about how much sitting you actually do - you sit to eat, sit to drive to work, sit at work, sit to drive home, sit to eat and sit to be entertained, whether that is in front of the tv or going to the movies or going out for a drink! We have a sitting culture and the person who is seen to be standing up is known as the "weird" one! ⠀ A certain posture can only start to become bad for you, is if you spend an extended period of time in that position. Your body will adapt to its most common position and for the majority of humans, that is the sitting down posture - head poked forward, shoulders rolled forward and with a big curve in the spine. Your body is so smart that it will start to create "strength" in this position. This may help with your hours and hours of sitting but what about when you want to go to the gym or pick up your kids, you are now in an "uncommon" position and the body will not like it. ⠀ So explore your body and movement and see what positions you can and can't get into, but most of all, keep MOVING!

A simple tip is to try sitting down on the floor whilst at home (I don't think you will be allowed to do this at work) and see what positions you can get in to. I guarantee you that you will not be able to get stuck in the same position as after a while it may become uncomfortable so then your body will be telling you to move. Pain is just a request from the brain to MOVE! The problem is, most people ignore this signal, pop a pain killer and continue with the same position.

Magic Mick

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