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Long Days Stuck At A Desk Hurts For Most People...But It Doesn't Have To Be That Way.


With the right education and guidance, you can enjoy a more productive and energetic day at work... whilst being pain-free!

However, if you've always worked at a desk or you can't remember the last time that a simple day at work didn't feel like someone took a hammer to your back, that might be hard to believe.

But were you ever really taught how to set up your desk correctly?

Did anyone ever tell you what a sedentary job can do to your body?

Can you even remember the last time your lower back wasn’t stiff?


The good news for you is that working at your desk doesn't have to be something you have to grind through each day. The human body simply wasn’t designed to sit for hours on end!


If you're willing to take the time to rebuild a foundation of strong posture and learn a few simple tips...


You can enjoy pain-free days at work too!

But if you're already in pain, if you've never been taught how to transition to a standing desk properly, or you've never been able to stand for longer than an hour before, where do you start?

That's exactly why I built Stand Up 2 Strength...

This program is a 6-week guided process to rebuild your stability, posture, and strength from the ground up so that you can confidently stand at your desk without pain and actually enjoy doing it. 


But you might be skeptical... After all, who am I to make such bold promises? If it were so easy, why didn't your boss, HR team, or physio show you how to do it?


Great question - allow me to introduce myself...

My name is Mick Breen…a once injury-prone, ex-elite athlete turned highly sought-after Myotherapist and Movement Coach.

But I’m sure that sounds odd, right?

How did someone go from having basically no experience with the demands of a desk job to creating a repeatable formula to eliminate aches and pains and maximise performance and productivity at work?

You see, it’s precisely because I was an injury-prone athlete that I had to think outside of the box!

treating Ben.png

And that’s the secret…Most rehabilitation programs are delivered by therapists who haven’t had the experience of different injuries and crippling back pain.

For many therapists, all of their learning has come from a textbook or student clinic, without actually knowing how their own bodies work…

…But that doesn’t mean they can’t get you back to good working order. It is just that how are they supposed to get you connected to your body and pain-free when they don’t have the physical experience themselves? They are very different skills!


I didn’t have the luxury of being a naturally gifted student. I relied on my body to do the talking.

On top of 4 knee surgeries, 8 torn hamstrings, 4 thumb dislocations, multiple ankle sprains, 2 shoulder dislocations, and a consistent bad back, forced me to figure out why this was happening to me and how the whole body worked…The hard way!

I had to relearn how to stand, how to squat, move myself out of pain, and basically how to move correctly and efficiently. I had to teach myself from scratch!

This led me down the path of a university degree, internships, years of continuing education, and over 10,000 hours of treating clients in the clinic or coaching them in the gym. I have certainly learned a thing or two in my time on how the body likes to work.

And that’s exactly what I’ll teach you…

Stand Up 2 Strength is all about using the natural body you were given, to unleash your hidden potential, adapt your daily habits, to discover how to work and move functionally and efficiently whilst being pain-free.

And I want to share this solution with you!

I've broken the whole process down into a simple, step-by-step, 6-week approach with the exact exercises and movements to prepare you for confident, pain-free days at work. 


So, let’s break it down into exactly what you’ll get…

  • Reasons Why You Have Back Pain – Extensive research behind the ramifications of sitting too much and the detrimental effects of a sedentary lifestyle.

  • Daily Standing Routine - A gradual specific time frame to know how much standing and sitting is required each week to start taking the unnecessary load off your aches and pains.

  • Daily Strength Routine – Quick and Easy exercises and movements to get the correct muscles working for the task at hand, creating a stronger, more connected body.

  • How And Why You Do Each Exercise – The reasons why we do each exercise and a video to explain the correct execution. The more you understand the WHY, the more confidence you build in your body.

  • Movement Protocols – Recommendations on how to make your everyday more movement rich to aid in decreasing the pain.

  • Desk Set Up 101 – The correct way to set up your new standing workstation to make you as efficient and productive as possible at work.

  • Built-In Accountability and Support – I’m with you every step of the way for questions, form reviews, and celebrating your wins.

Though the full program takes 6 weeks, you'll likely start feeling better after the first few sessions

And the best part? The whole program costs only $97!


When you compare it to the cost of a serious back injury… This is incredibly inexpensive…

  • In 2020, the average cost of back surgery was between $15,000 and $45,000

  • Post-surgery Physical Therapy sessions cost $80-$120 depending on your insurance cover.

  • A post-surgery brace (if you choose that route) will cost between $100-$800.

  • Don’t forget about the 6-9 months you’ll spend at the physio sessions, 2-3 times per week, for all the post-surgery rehab.

  • All of the time off you will have to clock at work, and most likely lose all your holiday pay you’ve been saving up over the years.

SU2S Title Page.png

While it’s hard to estimate the cost of that long-term care, that’s a horrible future to wish for anyone.

Not to mention all the time you will lose kicking the footy around, or playing with your kids…

If you’re the type of person who wants to maximise your potential and minimise your risk, then $97 is small compared to the amount of time, energy, and money you all ready invest into your body…

$97 is a tiny insurance policy relative to the hugely painful and expensive worst-case scenario.

But if you look at the more immediate value, after finishing this protocol you will have tangible improvements in your overall athleticism…

  • You WILL be pain-free.

  • You WILL be stronger.

  • You WILL be more energetic.

  • You WILL be more productive.

  • You WILL be more mobile.

  • You WILL be happier.

  • And your peers WILL notice.

By investing in this program, you are choosing a path backed by years of experience and success stories from people just like you. You are choosing to invest in yourself with the best.

And I want you to be my next success story.

That only happens if you take it seriously and put in the work. If you don’t care that much, then this isn’t right for you!

But don’t just take my word for it. Check out some of the success stories from clients just like you who have seen huge improvements in their everyday lives…


And that's just a few of the testimonials... Lower back pain, achilles tendonitis, knee pain, hip stiffness, shin splints, headaches, flat feet... All fixed.


So, will it work for you? I think so.

Plus, I've got a 100% money back guarantee to remove all the risk from you... It'll either work or I'll refund you EVERY PENNY. 


I'm so confident in this process that I'm backing it 100%. Good luck finding a medical professional or fancy product that offers that level of reassurance!

Besides you’re already taking the greatest possible risk by sitting down all day at work…

As a therapist, my clients are my product. I can only be successful when you are successful. This is my best attempt to show you that I care and that I stand by my work!

I’ve taken the risk out of doing this for you – it’s fully guaranteed! The only way you’ll ever “waste” money on this is if you buy it and then never open it up.

And as an added bonus for people who are committed and act fast…

I’m serious about you never having to deal with niggly injuries again so that you can focus on becoming the type of human you were born to be.

For a limited time, I’m adding an extra bonus protocol to sweeten the deal for you…

“Fortify Your Feet” – Restoring your feet back to their Natural Human State to help you cope with the demands of standing - Normally $67 = FREE

FYF Title Page.png

Starting your journey back to a strong posture and pain free standing is simple...

Everything in this program is designed to be as effective, simple, and straightforward as possible to help you do one thing - enjoy a productive, pain-free day at work!

You've got three options...

Option 1 - Endure work, continue in pain, quit sports, and just become one with the couch.


Option 2 - Continue managing the symptoms by spending hundreds of dollars every few months for new shoes, ice packs, orthotics, braces, physio appointments, and eventually surgeries to keep being able to earn money.


Option 3 - Start fresh from the beginning to rebuild your body from the ground up. Strengthen your feet, hips, and torso to reclaim the pain free, natural human posture that you were born with.


Maybe you're not ready yet. Maybe you need to see a few more success stories and deal with a few more injuries before you'll trust yourself enough to take this next step with me.


But if you're tired of missing out on life while you deal with constant aches and pains and want a better option...

Then Stand Up 2 Strength is for you!

Hit the green button below to secure your spot, claim your bonuses, and get ready to Stand Up 2 Strength!!

- Mick


P.S. - Don't forget my unbeatable, "Pain-Free or Your Money Back" Guarantee! I'm serious about fixing this problem and I won't accept even a penny for something that doesn't work. Email me directly at with any questions or concerns you have about your situation. I'm here for you.

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