If You Like Having Lower Back Pain and Stiff Hips...DON'T Read This.


But if you’re ready to quit buying bottles of pain pills, using all the ice in the freezer, and living on the physio’s  treatment table, then I’ve got a secret      for you…

Lower back pain and stiff hips are NOT “just part of the job…

❌Aching pains and bad flexibility are NOT “just part of getting older…”

❌Headaches and migraines are NOT “just a normal pain to experience…”

But first, I want to apologise to you...

  • If you’ve heard these lines before from a doctor, coach, or colleague, then I am sorry…

  • If you’ve spent days on the sofa, flat out on your back from pain, then I am sorry…

  • If you’ve done everything you’re supposed to do without seeing any improvement, then I am sorry…

I’m sorry because you’ve been misled. You’ve suffered from unnecessary pain. You’ve missed out on precious time and opportunities in your life dealing with these problems.

You might feel like you’re ready to just give up and accept your pain as just part of life, but since you’re reading this, I know you haven’t quit trying (yet!)

If all of this sounds way too close to home, then I have good news for you…

You can fix these problems!

Yes, YOU. No specialists, no surgeons, no expensive treatments required.

Even if you can’t remember a time when your back felt good, you can do something about it!

I get it though…if you’ve spent weeks, months, or even years trying all of the conventional options with no success, then I’m sure you’re a bit skeptical of big claims about miracle cures.

First, let me reassure you, this is no miracle cure. It’s not magic. It’s not a homeopathic, woo-woo process to think your pain away…

But it is a simple and effective change in the way you’re

moving your body that will make a huge difference.

I’ve seen this work time after time…helping disc bulges, sciatica,

and nagging hip pain get back to a pain-free life!

You see, the reason all of the traditional routes don’t work is that

they focus on the symptoms instead of the underlying problems…

Image by Nabil Naidu
  • You’ll be told to stretch more, foam roll more, ice more, and take more anti-inflammatory pills.

  • You’ll be told that “Your muscles are tight,” Your hips are weak,” and “Your core isn’t strong enough.”

  • You’ll be told to buy fancy shoe inserts, start wearing this brace, and stop doing what you love!

But none of this works!

If they had, you would have fixed your pain by now!

And the confusing part is that there is some truth to each of these suggestions…

You probably aren’t strong enough, you probably are doing too much of one thing, and you probably do need to include some more self-recovery work.

Man at his Desk

But they are missing the most important point…Your body was designed correctly. You just haven’t been using it right!

And don’t worry, it’s not your fault!! No one told you this before. And most likely no one told your boss, coach, doctor, physio, or parents this stuff either.

You see, almost everyone you’ve talked to was told that the body is fragile and needs to be protected…

  • Get yourself an “ergonomic” chair to help keep you comfortable…

  • Lift with your legs and don’t bend your back…

  • Don’t walk around barefoot or you’ll hurt your feet…

Unfortunately, the only thing this accomplishes is making you weaker, disconnected, stiff, and stuck with more pain.

In fact, lower back pain is one of the biggest reasons for taking time off from work…

Nothing will make you more miserable at work with a bad back, achy knees, headaches, and being constantly tired.

Sitting down at your desk is keeping you from being stronger, more productive, more alert, and pain-free!

How do I know this stuff? Because I was there myself…

Multiple knee surgeries, torn hamstrings, low back pain, poor shoulder mobility, hip flexor tightness, sciatica, to name just a few…

I’ve been through it all and spent years trying to deal with it until I finally learned how to fix these issues.

By throwing the conventional “wisdom” out of the window and focusing on moving my body in the way it was designed, I was able to reclaim my pain-free body and life.

I went from having a crippling back injury that I couldn’t even put my shoes on without pain, to being able to stand for hours on end, play the sport I love, lift heavy in the gym and get back to what I enjoyed the most…completely pain-free!

And that’s what I want to help you with.

Imagine how great it would be to come home from work after

a long day of meetings and still have the energy to play with

your kids!

That’s why I’ve put together a simple, short, and effective

guide for you…

Stand Up to Strength

This incredible bullet-proofing process is based on my

personal experience, built around researched principles, and

refined over years of working with clients both in the clinic

and on the floor in the gym. It’s the real deal.

Stand Up to Strength is my absolute best attempt to create

a direct and practical solution for you in a market where

everyone is trying to sell you more and more “stuff.”

SU2S Title Page.png

​​This has everything you need and nothing you don’t.

In this protocol, you’ll get two things…

    1. All the research and stats behind the ramifications of sitting down too much and what it is                    doing to your body’s potential:


    ✔  Why you are in pain…

      The consequences of living a sedentary lifestyle…

    ✔  The endless benefits of transitioning towards a more movement-rich day…

    ✔  Hints and Tips on how to increase your accidental exercise throughout the day.

    2. A 6-week, step-by-step protocol to aid you in transitioning…Safely and Strongly:


    ✔  Specific timings on how long to stand for each week…

      Building awareness of certain muscles that are crucial to creating pain-free living…

      Building strength in both upper and lower body parts…

    ✔  The How & Why of each exercise…

    ✔  Access to video demonstrations at all times.

You might be thinking, “maybe it worked for you, but how do I know it will work for me?”

I totally get that. And the truth is that while I have absolute confidence in this process, you and I both know that I can’t promise you anything for sure.

My story is just one, and you might not even be able to believe that living pain-free is an option for you after dealing with pain for so long…

So let me share a few of the success stories from clients just like you who’ve done this process…


And if that’s not enough, I’ll go a step further and completely back this program to take all of the risks out of this decision for you…


Try to find a Physical Therapist, Doctor, Medication, or Surgeon who’ll back THAT up! (It would be nice though, wouldn’t it?)

To work with a specialist on this or have surgery (that isn’t guaranteed to do anything) would easily cost you thousands of dollars. (As you might have already found out the hard way…)


So how much does a program that promises something as bold as this cost?

$497? Nope. $247? Even Better…I’m offering this to you for just $97!!!

Why so cheap? Because I truly want to help you.

Trust me, at $97 a program, I’m not going to become a millionaire off of this. I’m just passionate about solving this problem.

(Plus, when you do get out of pain by doing this protocol, I’m fairly confident you’ll want to continue working with me to see how far you can go!)

You’ve already been put through the wringer financially with doctors, physios, drugs, and whatever else they can throw at you.

This is different. Minimal equipment is needed, just your body and a commitment to putting your best effort in.

I’ve taken ALL of the risks out of this for you…You have nothing to lose by giving this a shot.

If you believe your body is strong powerful and capable…this is for you.

If you are sick and tired of dealing with a bad back…this is for you.

If you aren’t willing to take “the easy way out” with risky surgeries and pain pills…this is for you.


P.S. - Don't forget my unbeatable, "Pain-Free or Your Money Back" Guarantee! I'm serious about fixing this problem and I won't accept even a penny for something that doesn't work. Email me directly at mick@melbournesofttissuetherapy.com.au with any questions or concerns you have about your situation. I'm here for you.

I’m with you every step of the way.

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                                                                                                                     - Mick