Unlock The Hidden Potential Of Your Body, Decrease Injuries, And Increase Performance Through Natural Born Running.


In My Free Potential Liberation Webinar,
You'll Learn:

✔️Why humans need to relearn how to run

✔️Simple strategies on how to

reclaim your natural-born talent

✔️How to decrease injuries and run forever

✔️Transform from those shitty, lethargic, long runs to happy, efficient, and strong

✔️ Build awareness, connection, and fluency in your body to create the strongest runner possible 

Thanks Legend!

Presented by Mick Breen,
The UpRight Therapist

Mick is the #1 advocate for education around movement and standing on the job. Too many humans are seeing their bodies potential going to waste whilst stuck all day, sat down at a desk.

In this webinar we will cover...