"Increase Productivity, Energy & Mood In One Simple Action"


In my free Stand Up 2 Strength Webinar, You'll Learn:


✔️How to transition to a stand-up desk safely & strongly

✔️Strategies on how to eliminate back pain

✔️Education around the importance of your footwear

✔️The endless benefits of standing compared to sitting

✔️Build awareness and strength around how to use your body to its full potential

Master How to Discover Your Bodies Hidden Potential Whilst at Work

✔️ Improve productivity by 46%

✔️ See energy levels increase over time

✔️ Increase mood-enhancing chemicals

✔️ Decrease risks of pain and disease

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Presented by Mick Breen,
The UpRight Therapist

Mick is the #1 advocate for education around movement and standing on the job. Too many humans are seeing their bodies potential going to waste whilst stuck all day, sat down at a desk.

In this webinar we will cover...