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How Long Does It Take? As Long As It Takes!

Don't get stuck on how long you think something should be taking. Injuries, movement, work, life etc etc all have their own way of working themselves out and they will take as long as it takes! Far too often we put time constraints on how long a simple injury can take to heal. Your therapist tells you 2-3 weeks and so as soon as it takes a little bit longer than first expected...….stress, anxiety, anger, fear all start popping up. Use the time frame you were given as more of a guide than gospel truth.

Think about when a dog hurts their leg from running around or falling don't see them hobbling around for hours on end and complaining. They have the initial squeal (that we all hate), limp for a bit and basically just walk it off! No one is telling them "oh, that's a 2 week injury!", they deal with it, get on with it and just shake it off - easy! So start listening to your body instead of a number.  Go off feel!! No one knows your body better than you do! If it takes a little bit longer, who cares, accept it, put your head down and move on. It will take as long as it takes, depending on you and YOUR actions, not your therapist or coach. Take ownership of your body and your feelings to truly get back to where you want to be.

Magic Mick

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