15 Facts You Didn't Know About Feet...

Updated: Oct 19

1. Why Are Your Feet Important?

What exactly do your feet do for you? The first thing you might not know is just how much is going on under the hood. Your feet account for a quarter of the bones in your whole body! They pack a punch and work as our natural shock absorbers. The Achilles tendon (at the back of your foot, by your heel) is the strongest tendon in the entire body. Feet must be able to stand up to punishment because an average pair of feet will walk around 110,000 miles or 220,000,000 steps over the course of a lifetime!

2. How Are Your Feet Related To Your Brain?

Did you know that your feet are constantly ‘talking’ to your brain? It’s true! They’re packed with around 200,000 nerve endings per foot which are incredibly responsive and input detailed information to your brain about everything from pressure to temperature, which is then translated into skillful movement, allowing you to make decisions and respond to external stimuli on the fly. The foot is the major sensory organ of the proprioceptive system.

3. What Are Your Toes For?

Did you know that when you’re walking, your toes are in touch with the ground around 75% of the time? When the big toe makes contact with the ground, it signals to the body you are balanced and as you leave the floor, the big toe helps you spring off the floor. The big toes are the prime movers of your entire feet! The nerve endings in your toes help your feet to maintain balance and bear the weight of your body when you walk – without toes the entire mechanism of foot movement would fall apart.

4. What Does Your Big Toe Do For You?

Did you know that your big toe is the most important toe of all? If toes are vital to balance, your big toe (or your hallux if you want to get scientific) takes the biggest burden of all. A misaligned big toe can completely throw your balance off. Did you know that your big toe makes it possible to walk and run upright? It’s so helpful for balance it used to help our ancestors climb trees, and unlike your little toe – which bears the least weight of any toe – if you were to lose your big toe, you’d have to retrain your foot to use different muscles to replace it!

5. Why Stubbing Your Big Toe Hurts So Much!

Why does stubbing your big toe hurt so much? Well, we’ve seen how powerful your feet are, and how central your big toe is to movement – and for most of us, the big toe is just that, the most prominent toe, and the first point of contact when your foot hits a chair or wall! So when you combine all the strength it takes to move your foot with the sensitivity of your most prominent toe – remember all those nerve endings – it’s easy to understand why stubbing a toe is so painful!