"Your body is your vehicle to experience the world..."
So make the most of your time and discover your potential...
Located in Thornbury,


The #1 goal here at MSTT is to get you back doing what you love to do...from surfing to gardening, from hiking to wrestling with the kids, from working at your desk pain-free to chillin' in front of the TV...

We understand that life can throw a few curveballs with your health and injuries, and can become a constant distraction and annoyance...the last thing you want to experience is aches and pains late at night when you are slaving your way in front of the work computer...

We are not here to tell you what kind of syndrome your body has or label you with some fancy word ending in itis!

In most instances, a combination of soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation exercises, and movement, together with a home-care exercise program will usually lead to a resolution of the problem...

Our goal is to identify and treat the cause, as 9 times out of 10, where the pain is, is never the actual problem.


We believe that movement is your number one form of medicine, so it is very rare that you will be told to go away and rest an injury!

We want to send you away from the clinic, stronger, pain-free, and more educated than when you first arrived. 



I am passionate, engaging and determined to get your body back to doing what you love, and helping you reach your full potential through education of your body and your everyday movement patterns and posture.



Welcome to the Jungle

Thornbury is our own little Jungle. As you’ll see when you first walk in.

Aside from the gym floor, we have a dedicated Stretch Room, an area for members to hang out away from the gym floor, change rooms and shower to freshen up post-workout.

MSTT is located right next to Thornbury High School, near 3 Ravens Brewery.

The clinic is located upstairs from the gym, next door to the Stretch Room






I have been a client of Mick Breen at CSTT and MyoMick since Feb 2017. In that time, he has treated my various soft tissue injuries and tightness with dry-needling and massage therapy. Mick has always maintained a professional approach whilst retaining his sense of humour and banter. He puts clients at ease and he is highly trustworthy. I have completed a running gait analysis which was extremely beneficial, too. Thanks, Mick!



I've always had calf issues since being diagnosed with compartment syndrome over 15 years ago.

In the 4 years that I have been treated by Mick, he has kept me on the pitch refereeing premier grade rugby union by actively preventing further calf issues. He has also improved my general mobility and running technique.

As an ex-international level athlete he understands how injury prevention is critical to longevity and wellbeing.



I’ve been going to Mick for treatments for quite a few months now and can honestly say there’s no one I’d trust more than him to treat any injuries or muscle tightness and soreness I may have. He has years of experience and an incredible knowledge in soft tissue therapy which allows for him to be able to cure any issue, big or small. Mick is extremely professional and friendly towards everyone and knows exactly what to do in order to make you feel comfortable. Mick is just fantastic all round and I can’t recommend him enough!